The Library budget vote and trustee election will be held on Tuesday, May 16th, from 7am to 9pm in the Ossining High School Gym. Information about this year's budget proposal and the candidates for trustee can be found linked below. If you have questions about the budget or the budget vote, please contact the Library Director at 914-941-2416 ext. 333.

Click here to see the 2017 School Board / Library Board Candidate Forum.

Click here to see a downloadable, printable
copy of the 2017-2018 library budget. En Espanol

Budget Brochure
Budget Brochure en Espanol

Click here to see a letter about the budget from Alice Joselow, President, Board of Trustees, and Karen LaRocca-Fels, Library Director. En Espanol

Click here for information on getting an absentee ballot
Boleta de Ausencia

Candidate statement from Lucinda Manning
Statement en Espanol Lucinda Manning

Candidate statement from Matthew Weiss
Statement en Espanol Matthew Weiss