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The Tower of Books display in the Cheever
Reading Room charts the increase in
membership in the Friends of the Library.

The Friends of the Library will be holding their annual meeting on Sunday, January 25 at 2 PM in the 2nd fl conference room. Minutes of the 2014 meeting will be available. All are welcome to attend.

The Friends of the Library would like to thank everyone for their generous book donations. We are now filled to capacity and cannot accept any more donations beginning February 1, 2015. Monetary donations are always accepted! Thank you for your cooperation.

Thanks to our book sale volunteers and customers who helped the Friends of the Ossining Public Library raise $1,800 at our fall sale and find new homes for a lot of books.

Thanks go to Susan Kelly, our book sale coordinator, along with Diana Coppola, Nancy de Koven, Sally Dow, Nancy Eichorn, Florence Fertik, Doris Goodnough, Sandy Halter, Barbara Henninger, Joan Hraban, Bryce Kiernan, Linda Levine, Nancy Lutwin, Rich Mangiaracina, Bob Monk, Nancy Panagakos, Michelle Tagg, Russell Woodyear and Bonnie Zitofsky.

Also a very necessary and somewhat belated thank you to Virginia Pope who has designed all of the book sale flyers for the past few years. They were all extremely well done . Thank you,Virginia.

Cheers, see you at the library,
Bob Minzesheimer, Friends president .

Did you know that the Friends of the Ossining Public Library paid for these museum passes?

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Children's Museum of Manhattan
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Thanks to all Friends of the Ossining Public Library, new and old, who attended and voted at our annual meeting. For those who couldn't make it, a quick summary:

We voted to increase the Friends' annual membership dues — students will now be $10; individuals $20; families $30 (although, as always, larger contributions are more than welcome). New dues became effective Feb. 1, 2014. If you're not sure when you joined or renewed, you can email our secretary, Barbara Henninger, at

We reelected the current board and began forming separate committees to work on expanding the membership and helping to pass the library budget in May. If you'd like to join either committee, e-mail

We reviewed the good news and not-so-good news of 2013. On the good side, we approved all the budget requests we received from the library staff, more than $15,000. We paid for the museum passes, the after-school homework help and a variety of concerts, programs and equipment not part of the library's operating budget. Thanks to our treasurer, Joyce Koyner, our application for tax-exempt status is in the friendly hands of the IRS. In not-so-good news: we spent more money than we took in ($3,930 in dues, and $5,470 from book sales). We began 2014 with $16,785 in the bank. And of the 300 names on our email list, only about 120 are in good standing in terms of their dues. And yes, Barbara is working on a friendly and efficient way of reminding members when their dues are up for renewal.

Thanks! Questions and suggestions always welcomed at Bob Minzesheimer, Friends president

Join the Friends:

To download a simple membership application, click here or pick up a form at the library.

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What and who are the Friends of the Ossining Public Library?

The Friends is a non-profit group of volunteers who encourage public awareness of library services and support the goals and activities of the library. It does not set policy, which is up to the library's Board of Trustees. It does assist in expanding library services by helping pay for programs and improvements not provided for in the library's annual budget. It raises money for the library through membership contributions and sales of books and tote bags. The annual membership meeting is held on the last Sunday of January, at 2 pm, at the library.

How can I join?

It's easy. Annual memberships start at $20 (or $10 for students) although larger contributions are gratefully accepted. A simple application form can be downloaded here. Copies also are available at the library.

Where our money goes:

In 2013, the Friends approved more than $15,000 worth of budget requests from the library staff. We paid to support the after-school homework help program for elementary school students, a broad range of concerts, the popular Museum pass program, as well as equipment not provided for in the library’s operating budget. We also ran a publicity campaign in support of the library’s annual budget which was approved by voters in May.

How are the Friends organized?

The Friends' board, elected by members, consists of a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. We also have committees that work on the book sales, expanding the membership and helping to pass the budget. Any Friend is welcome to join in one or more of the committees. Suggestions and questions can be sent to

Are the Friends a 501 C-3 Non-Profit Organization?

Yes, the Internal Revenue Service has certified us. Dues and other contributions to the Friends are tax deductible. The Friends group also is incorporated with New York State.

What else can I do to support libraries?

You can join the county-wide Advocates of the Westchester Library System, a citizens' group that helps inform local and state public officials about the importance of libraries. More information can be found at

Bylaws of the Friends of the Ossining Public Library

Assist the Library Board of Trustees in communicating the library's mission and services to the public and to serve as a vehicle for community involvement.
Assist in making the members of the county and state legislatures aware of the services provided to the public and the ongoing need for their financial support.
• Provide input to the Board of Trustees to assist them in their efforts to plan for and provide the best possible library services.
• Serve as a resource for recruiting and using library volunteers.
• Raise funds through membership donations and sponsorship of periodic book sales and similar fund-raising events, the proceeds of which are to be used by the library for worthy purposes for which tax supported funds are not available.

Form of Organization
• The Friends of the Ossining Public Library is a membership organization composed of individuals, groups and public and private organizations that are interested in supporting the Ossining Public Library.
• There shall be an annual membership meeting.
• The membership shall elect a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary at the annual meeting. Nominations for such offices shall be entertained from the floor at the time of the annual meeting. The terms of the officers shall be for one year. Vacancies are to be filled by appointment of the president.

• Members to be in good standing will have timely made their membership donation. All members in good standing shall have the right to vote at the annual meeting or membership meetings called by the president.
• Any other business shall be brought before the membership at the annual meeting.
• Membership categories include: Individual, Patron, and Group. Each member of a category shall have one vote. The membership fees for the fiscal year, for each category, shall be determined by vote at the annual meeting.
• The Friends shall be responsible for the timely filing of appropriate forms with applicable governmental agencies; however the Board of Trustees may allow library staff to assist in their preparation.
• The Director of the Ossining Public Library shall appoint a member of the staff to serve as liaison to the Friends.

Fund-Raising Activities and Donations to the Library
• The Board of Trustees of the Ossining Public Library and/or its director may request donations from the Friends of the Ossining Public Library. As a general rule, funds donated to and accepted by the Library shall be used for worthy purposes for which tax-supported funds are not available.

Dissolution of the Friends of the Ossining Public Library
• At its discretion, the Board of Trustees of the Ossining Public Library shall have the power to dissolve the Friends of the Ossining Public Library.
• Alternatively, a quorum of the members of the Friends, shall have the power to vote for the dissolution of the Association.
• In either case, whatever balances remain in the account(s) of the Association shall devolve to the Ossining Public Library for the benefit of library services.

Adopted at membership meeting, September 27, 2010.