Governance and Budget


1893 as The Sing Sing Public Library
1901 renamed as The Ossining Public Library
1903 rechartered to clarify how trustees are elected to the Board
2007 Increase number of trustees from five to seven. Decrease the trustee terms from five to three years
2011 Trustees to be elected by voting residents of the school district

Type of Library:

School District Public Library

Population Served:

33,064. The Ossining Library is chartered to serve the residents of the Ossining School District, which encompasses the Village and Town of Ossining (including part of Briarcliff Manor), and parts of New Castle and Yorktown.

Governing Body:

The seven trustees are elected by the Ossining School District for three-year terms.


Approximately 98% of the LIbrary's budget comes from local tax support, and the remainder is raised by the Library. The Library presents its own budget to the voters each year.

View Operating Budget

View the proposed 2015-16 budget.

Our Previous Library Building


August, 1968

Cost to Build:

$574,000 (approx. $3,000,000 in 2002 dollars)


Malsin & Reiman (Briarcliff)

Building Size:

17,390 square feet


W.E. Savage & Co. (NYC)