The Ossining Public Library could not operate without the generous support of the community. There are many ways to support your Library — here are a few examples:

VOTING on the Library’s Budget

Each May, residents of the Ossining School District get a chance to vote directly on the Library's budget. This is a very important vote for the Library, since nearly 95% of our operating budget is raised by tax levy.

JOINING the Friends of the Ossining Public Library

The Friends help the Library in many different ways. Members support cultural and fund-raising programs, represent the Library at community events, and help us promote community awareness of Library services. To learn more about the Friends, click here.

It's easy to join. Annual memberships start at $10, although larger contributions are gratefully accepted. Click here and download the application or pick up an application form at the library's circulation desk in the front lobby. Forms also are available in the racks of flyers downstairs near the Footnote Café.

Bylaws adopted at the Annual Meeting of the membership on Sunday, January 31, 2010


•Assist the Library Board of Trustees in communicating the library's mission and services to the public and to serve as a vehicle for community involvement.
• Assist in making the members of the county and state legislatures aware of the services provided to the public and the ongoing need for their financial support.
• Provide input to the Board of Trustees to assist them in their efforts to plan for and provide the best possible library services.
• Serve as a resource for recruiting and using library volunteers.
• Raise funds through membership donations and sponsorship of periodic book sales and similar fund-raising events, the proceeds of which are to be used by the library for worthy purposes for which tax supported funds are not available.

Form of Organization

• The Friends of the Ossining Public Library is a membership organization composed of individuals, groups and public and private organizations that are interested in supporting the Ossining Public Library.
• There shall be an annual membership meeting.
• The membership shall elect a President, Vice-President, and Treasurer at the annual meeting. Nominations for such offices shall be entertained from the floor at the time of the annual meeting. The terms of the officers shall be for one year.
• Members to be in good standing will have timely made their membership donation. All members in good standing shall have the right to vote at the annual meeting.
• Any other business shall be brought before the membership at the annual meeting.
• Membership categories include: Individual, Patron, and Group. Each member of a category shall have one vote. The membership fees for the fiscal year, for each category, shall be determined by vote at the annual meeting.
• The Friends shall be responsible for the timely filing of appropriate forms with applicable governmental agencies; however the Board of Trustees may allow library staff to assist in their preparation.
• The Director of the Ossining Public Library shall appoint a member of the staff to serve as liaison to the Associates.

Fund-Raising Activities and Donations to the Library

• The Board of Trustees of the Ossining Public Library may request donations from the Associates of the Ossining Public Library. As a general rule, funds donated to and accepted by the Library shall be used for worthy purposes for which tax supported funds are not available.

Dissolution of the Friends of the Ossining Public Library

• At its discretion, the Board of Trustees of the Ossining Public Library shall have the power to dissolve the Friends of the Ossining Public Library.
• Alternatively, a quorum of the members, at an annual meeting, shall have the power to vote for the dissolution of the Friends.
• In either case, whatever balances remain in the account(s) of the Friends shall devolve to the Trustees of the Ossining Public Library for the benefit of library services.

The Ossining Library Foundation

The Foundation was founded in 2007 to assist the Library and its Board in raising funds for important activities and projects outside the scope of the Library budget. These may include new programs, equipment, special activities, pilot projects and the establishment of an endowment fund. Among the activities or projects we have sponsored in the last two years are performances by the Mustizo Dance Company, folk music, drapes for the Budarz Theater and funding for Children's Room mural.

We are grateful to several of you who have already made generous pledges to help insure this state-of-the-art cultural center will have the resources to deliver on its mandate. We ask the community-at-large for their support and contribution to help the Library provide more breadth and depth in its vital services.

If you are interested in knowing more about these projects, or in contributing to them or to the Foundation in general, please contact us at the address above or email us at

Our Foundation presently has six sitting members: Mark Kleiman, Joyce Lannert, Alan Marzelli, Mark Seiden, Gloria Tannenbaum, and Tom Vincent. We’re working hard to make Ossining a better place and believe you’ll enjoy being part of it.

CONTRIBUTING through donations and bequests

The Library is pleased to accept donations of money, books, magazine subscriptions, and certain items of furniture and equipment. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

Bequests, memorial funds and endowments are a lasting way to share a love of reading and life-long learning with your community. Contact the library, your attorney or an estate planner for more information.

Birthday Books — Libros para Cumpleaños

Ask the Children’s Room staff about donating a book when your child celebrates a birthday. It's a great way to mark the occasion! Thank you for your generosity.

Recent Donations and Grants
Some examples of recent Grants and Donations to the Ossining Public Library:

Patrick Brosnan
General library support

Regina Berta
Support for the Great Music concert series.

John Rossi
&crafts supplies

Dede Emerson Foundation

Arthur & Rebecca Samberg Foundation

Risa Schifter

Alan & Bonnie Zitofsky
Money for general support