Acredelo — My First Baby Signs
Aliki — One Little Spoonful
Ashman — Babies on the Go
Baicker — Tumble Me Tumbily
Bang — Ten, Nine, Eight
Beaumont — Baby Danced the Polka
Boynton — Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy!
Breeze — Pickle and the Blocks
Brown — Goodnight Moon
Butler — Whose Baby Am I?
Carle — My Very First Book of Words
Chorao — Knock at the Door
and other baby action rhymes
Cooke — So Much
Duncan — Honey Baby, Sugar Child
Dunn — Hippety Hop, Hippety Hay
Dyer — Animal Crackers: a Delectable Collection (J 808.81 D)
Frazee — Walk On: a Guide for Babies of All Ages
Gabriel — Night Night Toes
Henderson — Bounce, Bounce, Bounce
Henderson — Bumpety Bump
Hindley — Baby Talk
Intrater — Eat!


Katz — Counting Kisses
Katz — Daddy Hugs
Katz — Ten Tiny Tickles
Katz — What Does Baby Say?
Katz — Where is Baby’s Belly Button?
Katz — Wiggle Your Toes
Kopper — I’m a Baby, You’re a Baby
Leuck — My Baby Brother Has Ten Tiny Toes
McCarty — Baby Steps
Melmud — Love You as Much
Miller — Baby Food
Miller — Baby Pets
Miller — What’s on My Head?
Milord — Love That Baby
Morrow — Mommy Loves Her Baby;
Daddy Loves His Baby
O’Garden — Maybe My Baby
Opie — My Very First Mother Goose
Pinkney — Pretty Brown Face
Steptoe — Baby Says
Weber — Animal Babies on the Farm
Weeks — Overboard!
Williams — "More, More, More" said the Baby
Wilner — Baby’s Game Book
Wardlaw — First Steps