Anderson — Whales on Stilts
Three best friends try to save the world from an evil plan to take over the world using an army of whales.

Atwater — Mr. Poppers Penguins
A large crate of penguins is delivered to a family.

Barry — Peter and the Starcatchers;
Peter and the Shadow Thieves
The story of how a young orphan boy from London becomes Peter Pan

Choldenko — Al Capone Does My Shirts
Moose and his family move to Alcatraz Island, where his father is a prison guard.

Fleming — Lowji Discovers America
Lowji's family moves from India, and now he is sure he will get all the pets he wants

Gannett — My Father's Dragon
(and others) A boy tries to rescue a baby dragon.

George — My Side of the Mountain
(and others) The story of a boy who survives by himself in the Catskill Mountains.

Gutman — The Homework Machine
Four 5th graders tell the story of a "homework machine."

Hiaasen — Hoot
Roy and his friend try to save the site where
owls live from being destroyed.

Hiaasen — Flush
Noah and his sister try to prove a local boat owner is polluting the water in the Florida keys.

Juster — The Phantom Tollbooth
When a tollbooth appears in his room, Milo journeys to several lands where he learns about words, numbers, and not being bored.



McDonald — Stink and the Incredible Super-galactic Jawbreaker; Stink and the World's Worst Super-stinky Sneaker
Stories about seven-year-old Stink and his friends.

Oppel — Silverwing (and others)
Shade, a young bat, becomes separated from his colony and has to learn how to survive.

Pinkwater — The Neddiad
Neddie and friends have a series of adventures and try to save the world.

Rockwell — How to Eat Fried Worms
Two boys want to prove that worms can make a delicious meal.

Sachar — Holes
Stanley is sent to a "camp" where the campers have to dig holes all day, and he and his friends uncover a secret.

Van Draanen — Shredderman, Secret
(and others) Nolan, a fifth grader, has a secret identity to handle bullies at school.


Dixon — Hardy Boys
Greenburg — Andrew Lost
Jacques — Redwall
Nix — Keys to the Kingdom
Scieszka — Time Warp Trio
Stewart — The Edge Chronicles
Winkler — Hank Zipzer

Good Authors for Boys

Matt Christopher
Andrew Clements
Roald Dahl
Dan Gutman
Gordon Korman
Gary Paulsen
Dave Pilkey