Birdsall — The Penderwicks: A Summer
Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy

Four sisters share adventures while vacationing in the Berkshires with their father.

Cleary — Ramona the Pest (and others)
Ramona meets a lot of interesting people in kindergarten

Estes — The Hundred Dresses
When Wanda tells her classmates she has 100 dresses, they laugh at her, but soon learn a lesson about teasing.

Feiffer — A Room with a Zoo
Julie loves animals so much that she seems to have a zoo in her room.

George — Julie of the Wolves
Thirteen-year-old Julie, lost in the woods, is adopted by a pack of wolves.

Godden — Premlata and the Festival of Lights
Premlata and her family, in Bengal, India, are too poor to celebrate Diwali.

Hoffman — Starring Grace (and others)
Grace and her friends have many adventures during summer vacation.

Holm — Middle School is Worse than

Ginny’s first year of middle school is both exciting and scary.

Lin — The Year of the Dog
A year in the life of a young Taiwanese American girl and her family.

Lisle — The Lost Flower Children
Two sisters move in with their great aunt, and hear stories about the Flower Children.

Look — Ruby Lu, Brave and True
Ruby Lu, almost 8, tells about her family and her adventures.

Lord — Rules
Frustrated by life with an autistic brother, Catherine just wants a normal life.

Lowry — Gooney Bird Greene
(and others) Gooney tells only absolutely true stories, but the fun is finding out exactly how her stories are true.



MacLachlan — Sarah, Plain and Tall
Anna and Caleb get to know Sarah, who has moved out west to marry their father.

Marsden — The Gold-Threaded Dress
When Oy and her family move to a new neighborhood, she finds it hard to make friends.

McKay — Saffy’s Angel (and others)
Saffy, with the help of her eccentric family, tries to find a memento from her past.

O’Dell — Island of the Blue Dolphins
Karana, an Indian girl, survives alone on an island for 18 years.

Pennypacker — Clementine
Eight-year-old Clementine is only trying to help, but she is often misunderstood.

Potter — Olivia Kidney (and others)
When 12-year-old Olivia explores her apartment building, she finds some very strange things.

Ryan — Esperanza Rising
Esperanza and her mother must leave their privileged life in Mexico to work in labor camps in Southern California.

Soto — The Skirt
Miata is worried about what her parents will say when they find out she left the skirt for a dance performance on a bus.


Adler — Cam Jansen
Keene — Nancy Drew
Montgomery — Anne of Green Gables
Tripp — American Girls Collection

Good Authors for Girls

Sharon Creech
Paula Danziger
Kate DiCamillo
Patricia Reilly Giff
Carolyn Marsden
Claudia Mills
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Cynthia Rylant