Aliki — Welcome, Little Baby
Anholt — Sophie and the New Baby
Armstrong — That Terrible Baby
Ballard — When I am a Sister
Banish, Roslyn — Let Me Tell You About My Baby
Berenstain, Stan — The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five
Berenstain, Stan — The Berenstain Bear’s New Baby
Bond, Rebecca — Just Like a Baby
Brown, Marc — Arthur’s Baby
Buck, Nola — Hey, Little Baby!
Bunting, Eve — Jin Woo
Bunting, Eve — Our Teacher’s Having a Baby
Burningham, John — The Baby
Byers, Rinda — Mycca’s Baby
Capucilli, Alyssa — Biscuit and the Baby
Cole, Joanna — I’m a Big Brother
Cole, Joanna — I’m a Big Sister
Collins, Pat — Waiting for Baby Joe
(premature baby)
Cooper, Helen — Little Monster Did It!
Cottringer, Anne — Ella and the Naughty Lion
Cousins, Lucy — Za-Za’s Baby Brother
Curtis, Jamie Lee — Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born (adoption)
Cutler, Jane — Darcy and Gran Don’t Like Babies
DePaola, Tomie — The Baby Sister
Dewan, Ted — Crispin and the 3 Little Piglets
Dyer, Jane — Little Brown Bear and the Bundle of Joy
Gliori, Debi — New Big Sister
Goodman, Joan E. — Bernard Wants a Baby
Greenfield, Eloise — She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl
Gregory, Valiska — Shirley’s Wonderful Baby
Harris, Robie — Happy Birth Day!
Harris, Robie — Hello, Benny!
Harris, Robie — Hi, New Baby!
Henderson, Kathy — Newborn
Henkes, Kevin — Julius, the Baby of the World
Hiatt, Fred — Baby Talk
Hines, Anna G. — Big Like Me
Holabird, Katherine — Angelina’s Baby Sister
Horowitz, Ruth — Mommy’s Lap
Hurwitz, Joanna — Russell’s Secret
Jenkins, Emily — That New Animal
Jonas, Ann — When You Were a Baby
Keats, Ezra Jack — Peter’s Chair
Keller, Holly — Geraldine’s Baby Brother
Kueffner, Sue — Our New Baby
Laing, Kate — Best Kind of Baby
Lakin, Pat — Don’t Touch My Room
London, Jonathan — Froggy’s Baby Sister




Look, Lenore — Henry’s First-Moon Birthday
MacLachlan, Patricia — Bittle
Mayer, Mercer — The New Baby
McCully, Emily — New Baby
Markes, Julie — I Can’t Talk Yet, But When I Do…
Murphy, Mary — I Kissed the Baby
Myers, Bernice — Crybaby
Palatini, Margie — Goldie is Mad
Palatini, Margie — Good as Goldie
Rockwell, Lizzy — Hello Baby!
Rosenberry, Vera — Vera’s Baby Sister
Ross, Katherine — When You Were a Baby
Russo, Marisabina — Hannah’s Baby Sister
Schwartz, Amy — A Teeny Tiny Baby
Sheldon, Annette — Big Sister Now: a Story About Me and Our New Baby
Snyder, Carol — One Up, One Down (twins)
Steptoe, John — Baby Says
Stuve-Bodeen, S. — Mama Elizabeti
Szekeres, Cindy — Toby’s New Brother
VanLeeuwen, Jean — Benny and Beautiful Baby Delilah
Waddell, Martin — When the Teddy Bears Came
Weninger, Brigitte — Will You Mind the Baby, Davy?
Weston, Martha — Bad Baby Brother
Wilkowski, Susan — Baby’s Bris
Williams, Susan — Poppy’s First Year
Winthrop, Elizabeth — I Think He Likes Me
Wishinsky, Frieda — Oonga Boonga
Ziefert, Harriet — Little Hippo’s New Baby
Ziefert, Harriet — Talk, Baby!
Ziefert, Harriet — Waiting for Baby


J 306.875 C: Cole — The New Baby at Your House
J 306.87 L: Lasky — Love That Baby!
J 649 P: Patent — Babies
J 649 R: Rogers — The New Baby
J 618.4 R: Rosenberg — Mommy’s in the Hospital Having a Baby
J 306.87 S: Stein — Oh, Baby!
J 618.2 S: Sears — Baby on the Way
J 649.12 S: Sears — What Baby Needs
J 306.87 Z: Ziefert — Bigger Than a Baby
J 306.87 Z: Ziefert — Getting Ready for New Baby

En Español

Bourgeois — La Hermanita de Franklin
Harris — Hola, Hermanito!
Keats — La Silla de Pedro