Middle Ages

Avi — Crispin: The Cross of Lead
Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned peasant boy in fourteenth-century England flees his village and meets a larger-than-life juggler who holds a dangerous secret.

Cushman — Catherine, Called Birdy
The thirteen-year-old daughter of an English country knight keeps a journal in which she records the events of her life, particularly her longing for adventures beyond the usual role of women and her efforts to avoid being married off.

Cushman — The Midwife's Apprentice
In medieval England, a nameless, homeless girl is taken in by a sharp-tempered midwife, and in spite of obstacles and hardship, eventually gains the three things she wants most: a full belly, a contented heart, and a place in this world.

DeAngeli — The Door in the Wall
A crippled boy in fourteenth-century England proves his courage and earns recognition from the King.

Haugaard — A Slave’s Tale
After gaining her freedom, Helga stows on a ship from Scandanavia to Frankland in 997 where she becomes interested in the new religion of priests she meets.

Kelly — Trumpter of Krakow
A Polish family in the Middle Ages guards a great secret treasure and a boy's memory of an earlier trumpeter of Krakow makes it possible for him to save his father.

Pierce — Alanna: The First Adventure
Eleven-year-old Alanna, who aspires to be a knight even though she is a girl, disguises herself as a boy to become a royal page, and learns many hard lessons along her path to high adventure.

Schlitz — Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!
Voices from a Medieval Village Two orphan sisters in the late 1800s leave New York on the orphan train to seek a new home in the West.

Turner — The Way Home
In 1349, a young girl returns from months of surviving in the marsh, having been "outlawed" for offending the village lord, only to find that her village has been wiped out by "the sickness."

Colonial America

Clapp — Witches Children: A Story of Salem
During the winter of 1692, when the young girls of Salem suddenly find themselves subject to fits of screaming and strange visions, some believe that they have seen the devil and are the victims of witches.

Duble — The Sacrifice
Two sisters, aged ten and twelve, are accused of witchcraft in Andover, Massachusetts, in 1692 and await trial in a miserable prison while their mother desperately searches for some way to obtain their freedom.

Dubois — Abenki Captive
In 1752, nineteen-year-old Abenaki warrior Ogistin is present when a band of his people capture an English trapper, John Stark, and as he is carried into captivity in Canada a bond of hate and competition develops between him and Ogistin.

Durant — Beaded Moccasins
After being captured by a group of Delaware Indians and given to their leader as a replacement for his dead granddaughter, twelve-year-old Mary Campbell is forced to travel west with them to Ohio.




Keehan — I Am Regina
In 1755, as the French and Indian War begins, ten-year-old Regina is kidnapped by Indians in western Pennsylvania, and she must struggle to hold onto memories of her earlier life as she grows up under the name of Tskinnak and starts to become Indian herself.

Kirkpatrick — Trouble's Daughter
When her family is massacred by Lenape Indians in 1643, nine-year-old Susanna, daughter of Anne Hutchinson, is captured and raised as a Lenape.

Lasky — Beyond the Burning Time
When, in the winter of 1691, accusations of witchcraft surface in her small New England village, twelve-year-old Mary Chase fights to save her mother from execution.

Lenski — Indian Captive
A fictional retelling of the experiences of twelve-year-old Mary Jemison, who after being captured by a Shawnee war party during the French and Indian War, is rescued and subsequently adopted by two Seneca sisters with whom she ultimately chooses to stay.

Speare — Sign of the Beaver
Left alone to guard the family's wilderness home in eighteenth-century Maine, a boy is hard-pressed to survive until local Indians teach him their skills.

Speare — Witch of Blackbird Pond
In 1687 in Connecticut, Kit Tyler, feeling out of place in the Puritan household of her aunt, befriends an old woman considered a witch by the community and suddenly finds herself standing trial for witchcraft.

Revolutionary War

Avi — The Fighting Ground
Thirteen-year-old Jonathan goes off to fight in the Revolutionary War and discovers the real war is being fought within himself.

Brady — Tolliver’s Secret
During the Revolutionary War, a ten-year-old girl crosses enemy lines to deliver a  loaf of bread containing a message for the patriots.

Clapp — I’m Deborah Sampson
Relates the experiences of the woman who disguised herself as a man in order to enlist and fight in the American Revolution.

Collier — My Brother Sam is Dead
Recounts the tragedy that strikes the Meeker family during the Revolution when one son joins the rebel forces while the rest of the family tries to stay neutral in a Tory town.

Duncombe — Summer of the Burning
After their house is burned down by the British and their mother dies from the effects of childbirth, a young girl finds herself responsible for keeping her younger brothers and sisters together and somehow rebuilding their home.

Fritz — EarlyThunder
In pre-revolutionary Salem, fourteen-year-old Daniel begins to re-examine his loy-   alty to the King as the conflict between Tories and patriots increasingly divides the townspeople.

Forbes — Johnny Tremaine
After injuring his hand, a silversmith's apprentice in Boston becomes a messenger for the Sons of Liberty in the days before the American Revolution.

ODell — Sarah Bishop
Left alone after the deaths of her father and brother who take opposite sides in the War for Independence, and fleeing from the British who seek to arrest her, Sarah Bishop struggles to shape a new life for herself in  the wilderness.

Sterman — Saratoga Secret
In 1777, as General Burgoyne and his British troops invade the Upper Hudson River Valley, sixteen-year-old Amity must carry a secret message to the Continental army to give warning of an impending attack.