Day Care

Ballard — My Day, Your Day
Barrett — Day Care Days
Cole — When Mommy and Daddy
Go to Work

Day — Carl Goes To Daycare
Hoffman — Meatball
Tompert — Will You Come Back For Me?
Valens — Jesse’s Daycare

Nursery School/Preschool

Brown — DW’s Guide To Preschool
Carlstrom — Giggle-Giggle Wake-Up
Edwards — My First Day At Nursery School
Hill — Spot Goes To School
Henkes — Wemberly Worried
McQuade — At Preschool With Teddy Bear
Rockwell — My Preschool
Sensi — Hurray For Pre-K!
Wells — Edward Unready For School


Bloom — The Bus For Us
Brillhart — Mollie Rides the School Bus
Carlson — Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!
Carlson — Henry’s 100 Days of Kindergarten
Davis — Kindergarten Rocks!
Hays — Kindergarten Countdown
Howe — When You Go To Kindergarten
Rockwell — Welcome To Kindergarten
Slate — Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready
for Kindergarten

Stoeke — Bus Stop
Wells — Emily’s First 100 Days Of School
Wells — My Kindergarten
Wild — Tom Goes to Kindergarten


First Day of School

Bourgeois — Franklin Goes To School
Dannenberg — First Day Jitters
Hest — Off To School, Baby Duck!
Hennessy — Mr. Ouchy’s First Day
Kantrowitz — Willy Bear
London — Froggy Goes To School
Neubecker — Wow! School
Poyder — First Day, Hooray!
Pak — Sumi’s First Day Of School Ever
Rusackas — I Love You All Day Long
Thompson — Mouse’s First Day of School
Van Leeuwen — Amanda Pig, School Girl
Zalben — Don’t Go

School Stories

Allard — Miss Nelson Series
Cam Jansen — Cam Jansen and the First Day of School Mystery
Capuculli — Biscuit Goes To School
Child — I Am Too Absolutely Small for School
Cleary — Ramona The Pest
Cohen — Will I Have A Friend?
Danziger — Get Ready For Second Grade Amber Brown
Elliott — Hunters Best Friend at School
Henkes — Chrysanthemum
Henkes — Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Kirk — Keisha Ann Can!
McDonald — Judy Moody
Marshall — Fox At School
Numeroff — If You Take a Mouse to School
Park — Junie B. Jones Series
Stoeke — Minerva Louise at School
Wells — Yoko and Friends Series
Yashima — Crow Boy
Yolen — How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?