Barton — Airport
Bursik — Amelia's Fantastic Flight
Downs — The Noisy Airplane Ride
Gutman — Lisa's Airplane Trip
Lenski — The Little Airplane
Ormerod — Miss Mouse Takes Off
Ryan — Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride (JP+)
Testa — A Long Trip to Z
Nonfiction books about airplanes can be found in J629.13


Barton — Boats (RT)
Burningham — Mr. Gumpy's Outing
Crews — Harbor
Demarest — My Blue Boat
DeSeve — The Toy Boat
Flack — The Boats on the River
Gibbons — Boat Book
Henderson — The Little Boat
Kalman — Fire Boat
McDonnell — I Love Boats (RT)
McMenemy — Jack's New Boat
Rockwell — Boats
Non-fiction books about boats can be found in J623.8


Bloom — The Bus for Us
Brillhart — Molly Rides the School Bus
Crews — School Bus
Denslow — Bus Riders
Hort — The Seals On the Bus
Kirk — Bus Stop, Bus Go!
Kovalski — The Wheels on the Bus
McCarthy — The Adventures of Patty and the Big Red Bus
Pulver — Axle Annie
Stoeke — The Bus Stop
Taniuchi — Trolly
Zelinsky — The Wheels On the Bus
Nonfiction books about buses can be found in J629.2


Barnes — Big Racing Car (RT)
Barton — My Car (RT)
Collicutt — This Car
Gibbons — Fill It Up
Herzog — R is for Race
Kirk — Miss Spider's New Car
Lindgren — Sam's Car (RT)
Mitton — Cool Cars
Pinkwater — Tooth-gnasher
Radford — Harry at the Garage
Rex — My Race Car
Root — Rattletrap Car
Sierra — Preschool to the Rescue
Steen — Car Wash
Sutherland — Dad's Car Wash
Walton — Cars at Play
Zane — The Wheels on the Racecar
Non-fiction books about cars can be found in J629.2

Fire Engines

Armstrong — Magnus at the Fire
Barnes — Big Fire Engine (RT)
Great — The Great Big Fire Engine Book
Lenski — The Little Fire Engine
Munsch — The Fire Station
Rex — My Fire Engine



Rockwell— At the Firehouse!
Rockwell — Fire Engines
Sis — Fire Truck
Nonfiction books about fire engines can be found in J628.9


Awdry — Thomas the Tank Engine
Burningham — Hey! Get Off Our Train
Calmenson — Engine, Engine, Number Nine
Cohen — Down in the Subway
Collicutt — This Train
Crebbin — The Train Ride (RT)
Crews — Freight Train
Eye — Trains
Fleischman — Time Train
Gurney — Dinosaur Train
Harding — All Aboard Trains
Hillenbrand — Down By the Station
Hines — A Ride in the Crummy
Howard — The Train to Lulu's
Kalman — Next Stop, Grand Central
Kuklin — All Aboard: A True Train Story
Lenski — The Little Train
London — A Train Goes Clickety-clack
Mackinnon — Tom's Train: A First Lift-the- Flap Book (RT)
Mallat — Trouble on the Tracks
Neitzel — I'm Taking a Trip On My Train
Peet — The Caboose Who Got Loose
Piper — The Little Engine That Could
Quattlebaum — Underground Train
Ray — All Aboard
Rex — My Freight Train
Siebert — Train Song
Sturges — I Love Trains!
Stutson — Night Train
Suen — Window Music
Temple — Train
Voake — Here Comes the Train
Williams — Long Train: 101 Cars on the Track (RT)
Ziefert — Train Song
Nonfiction books about trains can be found in J625.1


Alborough — Duck in the Truck
Ayres — Matthew’s Truck (RT)
Barton — Trucks (RT)
Borden — The Neighborhood Trucker
Burton — Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel
Carr — Big Truck and Little Truck
Carter — Get to Work Trucks
Collicutt — This Truck
Crews — Truck
Di Fiori — The Truck Book
Hubbell — Trucks Whiz! Zoom! Rumble!
Imershein — Farm Trucks (RT)
Imershein — Rescue Trucks (RT)
Lyon — Trucks Roll
Mayo — Dig Dig Digging
McMullen — I’m Dirty!
Scieszka — Smash! Crash!
Siebert — Truck Song
Sturges — I Love Trucks
Weatherby — The Trucker
Nonfiction books about trucks can be found in J629.2