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Chromebooks in the Library

The Ossining Public Library offers Chromebooks for patron use within the Ossining Public Library Building during Library by Appointment Hours.

These Chromebooks may be checked out, free of charge, by patrons who are WLS cardholders in good standing. Patrons wishing to check out a Chromebook must read Guidelines below and sign the User Agreement provided by the library.

For a printable copy of the Guidelines and User Agreement, please click here.

Chromebooks and Accessories Information

Model: Lenovo 14e Chromebook, 8GB RAM
Software: Chrome browser

Mouse (available for checkout)
Headphones (available for purchase, $1.25 at the Circulation Desk)

Borrowing Eligibility

  • Chromebooks are available on a first-come, first served basis. Reservations for Chromebooks cannot be made in advance.
  • Chromebooks may be borrowed by WLS cardholders with accounts in good standing and are lent at the discretion of the library.
  • Patrons must be 13 years of age or older to borrow a Chromebook. If a patron under the age of 13 wishes to borrow a Chromebook, they must have a parent’s signature on the User Agreement together with the parent’s library card number. The parent’s account must be in good standing.

Borrowing Information

  • Patrons who wish to borrow a Chromebook must leave an official photo ID (issued by a government agency, employer, or school) with staff until the Chromebook is returned. This ID will be kept at the Reference Desk.
  • Chromebooks may be borrowed for sessions of up to 3 hours at a time with one session, per patron, per day to coincide with Library by Appointment reservations.
  • Chromebooks must be returned to the Reference Desk 15 minutes before the end of the patron’s Library by Appointment session. Chromebooks not returned by the end of the Library by Appointment session will be considered stolen.

Use of Chromebooks

  • Chromebooks must be used at designated tables.
  • Headphones must be used for videos, music, gaming, and anything else that produces sound.
  • The library may not have space to accommodate interviews, meetings, courses, and other activities that require speaking. Please consult with library staff.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for damage to removable drives, loss of files, work, etc.
  • Printing may be achieved by emailing print jobs to or by using the computer designated as “Express,” located on the 2nd floor. Please ask staff about current costs for printing.
  • Patrons borrowing a Chromebook must adhere to the Ossining Public Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy (printed copy available on request).
  • Violation of guidelines may result in the forfeit of Chromebook borrowing privileges.

Technical/Computer Assistance

  • Staff will provide Chromebook users with a Getting Started guide on request as well as direct them to online resources that may help with a variety of topics.
  • Staff at the Reference and Information desks will not be able to spend longer than a few minutes assisting each patron. For information about self-guided, tech-related resources, please speak with a staff member.


  • Chromebooks will be checked out at the Reference Desk.
  • Chromebooks and accessories borrowed will be inspected by staff and the borrowing patron at the time of checkout to ensure that the items are in acceptable condition.
  • Patrons must sign the User Agreement in person at the Reference Desk or online by agreeing via online form by clicking here. If a patron has already signed, staff will check the database at time of checkout.

Check In

  • Chromebooks must be returned to the Reference Desk by the time due.
  • All items will be inspected at time of check in to ensure that all items checked out are present and in the same condition as when the Chromebook and accessories were checked out.

Stolen, Lost, or Damaged Items

  • Patrons are responsible for any damage or loss of Chromebooks or accessories while they are checked out.
  • Do not leave a Chromebook unattended at any time. If you need to step away, take the Chromebook to the Reference Desk, where you may temporarily leave it with a staff member.
  • Lost or damaged items will be charged to the patron according to the following:
    • Chromebook: $300
    • Charging Cord or Wall Adaptor: $20
    • Mouse: $10

Late Fees

  • If a Chromebook is kept past the end of the patron’s Library by Appointment reservation time, it will be considered stolen and reported as such.


Why isn’t the Chromebook turning on?  Is it plugged in? Chromebooks may not be fully charged at the time of checkout. If you need a charging cord, please speak with Reference Desk staff.
How do I connect to the WiFi? Please see the “Getting Started” guide, available at the Reference Desk.
What is the password? There is no password for logging into a Chromebook. Please ensure that you are logging in as “Guest.”
Can I renew the Chromebook? You may use the Chromebook for the duration of your Library by Appointment reservation.
Where can I use the Chromebook? Currently, while the library is operating under modified schedule and procedures due to COVID-19, patrons are required to use Chromebooks at designated tables on the 2nd floor.
If a Chromebook is prompted to update software or firmware, what should I do? Chromebooks often receive updates. If you get a message or prompt asking for update approval, you may accept the update or ignore this message for the duration of your session. Please notify Reference Desk staff at the time you return the Chromebook.
A Note on Content: The WiFi at the Ossining Public Library  has content filtering in place to be in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). However, while this filter should prevent most pornographic and inappropriate material from being loaded on devices, the Ossining Public Library cannot guarantee that all inappropriate material will be blocked. Additionally, there is no guarantee that this device cannot be detected and used by outside parties.