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Matthew Weiss

President - 3rd Term, expires 2023

Every Week is National Library Week

There are many ways to measure the success of a public library

How many books are borrowed

How many people visit the library

If we keep a balanced budget

They are all important

I also like to use stories to measure our success

I recently met a young couple who shared with me their story about deciding to move to Ossining.

The husband knew the area, and his wife didn’t. So he took his wife to the mezzanine, the top floor of the library, to see the valley and the Hudson River in the distance.

She said, “Now I get it.”

That’s when they decided to buy a house and start a family in Ossining

Or the story of a young visitor from a nearby community who stopped in the library one day.

She saw a young man who ‘struck her fancy’ and after a conversation, she wrote her phone number on his library card. That was almost 5 decades ago and they have been together ever since.

Or the young boy whose mother took him to the children’s room to improve his reading skills.

One day they read And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street.

In it, Dr. Suess said, ‘keep your eyelids up and see what you can see”.

From that day on, he was determined to find the real Mulberry Street.

The boy fell in love with reading and the library.

Wherever he lived he would visit the local library.

Today he his on the Board of Trustees of his local library…and, yes, this would be my story.

Isn’t nice to come to place where you have the freedom to choose what you want to explore?

To be asked by a friendly librarian “How can I help you”?

That question conceals something else: they are saying: “Let me be your guide”.

“Let me guide you to the information you seek and go beyond”.

“Let me guide you to the wonders of the world and the universe”.

“Let me help you evolve from a curious person to become an explorer”.

We may put a sign on the building that says: “Explorers Wanted”.

I did find Mulberry Street after all.

It is in the library. Let’s visit it together.


Our Trustees

The Ossining Public Library is governed by seven trustees, who are elected by the Ossining community to serve three-year terms.