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Shandi Speller

Board Member - 2nd Term, Expires 2024

Shandi Speller is a credentialed Family Support Advocate with CoveCare Center, Inc., co-located at Westchester County Department of Mental Health. She supports the parents of SED youth at two community residences in Westchester County.

Ms. Speller holds a Master of Science in School Building Leadership from Mercy College, Master of Science in Elementary Education from Fordham University, a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Miami, and attended the Ossining School District K-12, graduating in 1979.

Her teaching career as a New York State licensed educator, has been primarily focused on raising student achievement in urban educational settings, communities and with individuals in the New York City and Connecticut public schools, Non-Profit Day Habilitation programs, Head Start, and as an academic tutor.

Ms. Speller has a record of commitment to educational leadership and advocacy in both elected and appointed school board positions in the Ossining Union Free School District and The Children’s Village and Greenburg Eleven School District.

Shandi Speller is a resident of Ossining.