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OPL Fantasy Stock Market

Now in its 7th Year!

What is the OPL Fantasy Stock Market?

The OPL Fantasy Stock Market is our annual finance program. The kids will take on the role of millionaire investors, picking stocks, and tracking them over the course of 12 weeks. The participants will get to follow their progress in our weekly newspaper that also contains lots of information about finance, activities, and current events.

The program begins with our Opening Bell on February 12th at 4pm! This information session will teach the basics of what the stock market is and how it works as well as giving you a tutorial on how to build your portfolio. If you’d like to participate send Mr. Kevin an email.

The OPL Market will open on February 22nd and close on May 14th.

How can I participate?

Congratulations to MARSHMELLO, our 2021 OPL Market Champion and YODAGROUP, our 2021 Test Your Knowledge Guru.

The 2021 OPL Fantasy Stock Market is closed to new investors.  Feel free to keep up on the events of the program in the weekly Croton Avenue Journal below.  The OPL Fantasy Stock Market comes around every year, usually in mid-January, so you’ll have another chance to play!

The Croton Avenue Journal

Keep up to date on the OPL Fantasy Stock Market with our weekly paper.  Don’t worry, the Croton Avenue Journal is always free!

Volume 1:  2/22/21
Volume 2:  3/1/21
Volume 3:  3/8/21
Volume 4:  3/15/21
Volume 5:  3/22/21
Volume 6:  3/29/21
Volume 7:  4/5/21
Volume 8: 4/12/21
Volume 9: 4/19/21
Volume 10: 4/26/21
Volume 11: 5/3/21
Volume 12: 5/10/21
Volume 13: 5/17/21

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All trades are executed on Friday after the market closes.