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The Bob Minzesheimer Author Series

A series in honor of a key member of the library community

The Ossining Public Library is thrilled to host the Bob Minzesheimer Author Series. Benefiting the Friends of the Ossining Public Library, the series is a fundraiser that has deep personal significance for the library and the Ossining community.

The series will bring some of the literary world’s biggest names to the library in memory of the late Bob Minzesheimer, journalist and longtime book critic for USA Today. Minzesheimer was an integral part of the fabric of the library and the community. He served as president of the library’s Board of Trustees and oversaw the construction of the new library facility, and later spearheaded the Friends of the Library organization, volunteering his time to support the library’s mission. Minzesheimer himself moderated several book discussions at the library, including visits from James Patterson and Jeff Kinney.





A Visit from Barnaby Dinges

7:00pm | Budarz Theater Jan 30

Our Bob Minzesheimer Author Series continues with Barnaby Dinges, who will be discussing his memoir Ragged Run, a compelling story about his rough childhood upbringing. His appearance will be in conversation with Mary Murphy and touch on
childhood loss and the journey to true happiness. Tickets to attend the event are $10 and tickets to attend the event and receive a copy of the book, courtesy of the Village Bookstore, are $30; tickets can be purchased by clicking here; all proceeds benefit the Friends of the Ossining Public Library.

An Evening With R.D. Rosen

Sports, true crime, and local history converge in R.D. Rosen‘s Tough Luck: Sid Luckman, Murder Inc., and the Rise of the Modern NFL, a fascinating look at gifted NFL quarterback Sid Luckman, whose Chicago Bears career coincided with his father’s imprisonment in Sing Sing. Rosen’s talk at the library, moderated by Rob Fleder, was fascinating, funny, and deeply compelling.


A Visit With Nicholas Lemann

A Visit With Nicholas Lemann

The Bob Minzesheimer Author Series welcomed acclaimed author Nicholas Lemann on October 22, 2019, to discuss his new book Transaction Man: The Rise of the Deal and the Decline of the American Dream. Moderated by Robert T. Garrett, Austin bureau chief of the Dallas Morning News, the discussion was a timely and fascinating study of the American economy, following three American economic figures and a neighborhood who is impacted by the shifts in the economy.

An Evening With Douglas Brinkley

Douglas Brinkley kicked off the Bob Minzesheimer Author Series, visiting the library on June 12, 2019, to discuss his American Moonshot: JFK and the Great Space Race, New York Times best-seller that received rave reviews, including a starred review from Kirkus. 

Published ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, American Moonshot is an enthralling look at President Kennedy’s pledge to land on the moon by the end of the 1960s, told in the thoroughly compelling style Brinkley, CNN’s official historian, has become renowned for. 

Brinkley’s discussion, moderated by Robert T. Garrett, Austin bureau chief of the Dallas Morning News, was informative, gripping, and entertaining. Over the course of the evening, he discussed the Cold War and the influence it had on the space race; John F. Kennedy’s senatorial and presidential campaigns; the impact the looming 1964 presidential election had on the development of NASA, and so much more.