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Books as a Bridge to Emotional Well-being

Feb 25, 2021 | Children's Room

Parents, educators, and caregivers eager to help kids through the social, emotional, and academic upheaval of Covid living might consider using bibliotherapy as a tool. Bibliotherapy, a fancy term for conscious book selection, can help you tailor your child’s reading to provide lessons and tools on how to cope with the stress of this extraordinary year.  

While children’s authors have always taken on the challenge of helping kids navigate difficult emotions, few have done so in as direct and accessible a way as Todd Parr. With his vibrant, primary color illustrations, and bold, kid-friendly text, Parr makes accessible to the youngest of readers the most complex of issues: everything from the importance of gratitude in our well-being (The Thankful Book) to how to confront anxiety (The Don’t Worry Book).

Stop by to check out some of Parr’s books, and don’t forget to ask your librarian for other book and author suggestions on any subject that can help you help your child through Covid–from how to cope with difficult feelings to how to keep boredom at bay.