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Grown Ups Show Up (GUSU)

The goal of GUSU is to encourage adults to start having conversations with kids and teens about drugs and alcohol.

Adults are uniquely positioned to make a difference in the lives of young people. Teenagers may be curious about drugs or alcohol and may or may not ask parents for advice. It is important for adults to be knowledgeable and prepared to answer questions, or, to be able to start “the conversation”.

Keeping track of where your kids are and who they are with, setting and adhering to rules about drugs and alcohol, preventing access to substances, and talking and listening openly with young people about substance use are all ways you can show up for your kids.

Alcohol and drugs can interfere with developmental processes in the brain during adolescence. Drinking and using drugs at a young age is associated with development of substance use later in life.

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Gilda's Club of Westchester

Core components of GSW

1. Emotional support
– Short-term individual and family counseling
– Support Groups

2. Education
– Educational programs including topics related to cancer, survivorship, caregiving, and grief.

3. Healthy Lifestyle Programs
– Mind-Body & Exercise Classes
– Expressive Arts Workshops
– Healthy Living Programs

4. Social and Networking Opportunities
Opportunities for interaction and networking with others going through similar situations.

5. Resources and Referrals
Community resources and referrals, cancer support hotline and online resources

How to get started…

Everything offered is free of charge. To get start check out the website by clicking here.

Substance Abuse Resources

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