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Karen LaRocca-Fels, Library Director
(914)941-2416, ext. 333

Molly W. Robbins, Assistant Director
(914)941-2416, ext. 345

Bob Majernik, Senior Bookkeeper
(914)941-2416, ext. 332

Kathy Beirne, Secretary to Library Director
(914)941-2416, ext. 335


Adult Services

Diana Lennon, Head of Adult Services
(914)941-2416, ext. 315

Scott Craven, Library Assistant

Aimee Gutierrez, Library Assistant

Heather Pullem, Librarian

Guillermo Rodriguez, Library Assistant
(914)941-2416, ext. 326

James Trapasso, Program and Events Coordinator
(914)941-2416, ext. 327

Children's Services

Ignayra Lopez, Head of Children’s Services
(914)941-2416, ext. 325

Joy Alter, Librarian

Debbie Fletcher, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 324

Kevin Robinson, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 322

Tricia Sabini, Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 323

Circulation & Technical Services

Marie Trapasso, Head of Circulation and Technical Services
(914)941-2416, ext. 304

Barbara Williams, Senior Library Clerk


Marketing, Outreach, and Technology

Mallory Marinaro, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
(914)941-2416, ext. 358

Allison Robbins, Technology and Training Librarian
(914)941-2416, ext. 327

Teen Services

Suzy Zavarella, Head of Teen Services
(914)941-2416, ext. 314

Louis Crisci, Library Assistant

Neera Dayal, Library Assistant

James Johnson, Library Monitor

Julian Marmol, Library Monitor

Susan McCormack, Librarian

Marie Pierre, Librarian

Sirreke Stephen, Library Monitor

Substitute Librarians

Amanda Birro

Marci Dressler

Chris Surovich