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Check out the View!

Nov 25, 2019 | Children's Room

If you are looking for a safe digital environment in which your early learners can independently
play, read, and interact with their favorite book characters, consider checking out our collection
of Playaway Views.

Playaway Views are pre-loaded, portable video devices that provide interactive
games, learning activities, and read-out-louds in a durable, wallet-sized format. Based on many
of your child’s favorite books and characters, from Elmo to Arthur, our Launchpads provide
anywhere from 40 minutes to 3 ½ hours of engaging, educational content.

Playaway Views are easy to use for even the smallest fingers. Just press “play” for engaging fun.
And because they are not Internet-based, they provide a safe, closed environment in which
even your youngest can practice their technology dexterity and independence.

Whether your child is eager for story time, or interactive games that foster reading, writing, and
math skills, Playaway Views can be a perfect alternative to television, iPads, computers, and tears
of boredom.

Come in and check out our Playaway View collection the next time you and your preschooler
are preparing for long car rides, wait times, or shopping trips.