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Dungeons and Dragons at OPL

Nov 23, 2020 | Children's Room

The Ossining Public Library began its first Dungeons and Dragons game in September. Using the online tabletop Roll20, we launched the Dust Rose, a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in Bitter Crag, a remote mining town populated by outcasts and refugees.

Things have not looked good for our heroes, young adventurers from Bitter Crag. The once desolate desert has become infused with unnatural life, and increasingly dangerous monsters have been sighted closer and closer to town. Perhaps worse, Consolidated Deep Excavations, a powerful mining company from the massive Free City of Falcion, is claiming ownership of the land on which Bitter Crag sits and has stated its intention to take its property “through every available means.”

So far our adventurers have defended their home from invading goblinoids, discovered a fiery relic in their basement, explored an abandoned mine under the town, found a Duergar City, discovered treasures in a long sealed dwarven tomb, argued with the town’s leadership over how to save the city, fought off rampaging monsters to save the town dog, and got a Bugbear they befriended elected mayor of Bitter Crag! And the characters are only level 2. Imagine what kind of exciting adventures await!

If you are interested in joining this campaign or would like to be informed of new Dungeons and Dragons adventures when they start, email Mr. Kevin at