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Hello, 2043

Aug 10, 2018 | News from the Director

As part of our 125th Anniversary celebrations, we are preparing a time capsule to bury on library grounds on August 11th, with instructions for the 2043 library staff to open it as part of the library’s 150th Anniversary events. We wanted to give our future counterparts a snapshot look at library life in 2018, complete with references to technology we are sure will be comically outdated when the time capsule is opened; will flash drives be as hilarious then as 8-tracks are today?

Here is our look at the library by the numbers:

34,230: Number of people we serve

157,827: Number of items in the collections including ebooks & downloadable audiobooks

234,160:Visits per year the library receives

16,439:The library’s registered borrowers

40,013: Number of attendees that come to our programs

222,359: Circulation of books, ebooks, DVDs, CDs, and magazines per year

60,566: Number of times we provide assistance to people a year by answering questions, providing help, finding a book, or demonstrating a database.

69,744: Number of computer sessions provided to the public

35,853: Number of times people use our WiFi

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