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How well do you know the library?

Aug 06, 2019 | Children's Room

How many books do we have in the children’s room?  122 patrons decided to take that question on. Guesses were all over the place, from as low as six to as high as twenty million! 

Some patrons tried to count, but soon realized that would take much too long. Others tried to estimate, which worked better.

Our contest gave a prize to the person who guessed the closest without going over. The correct answer was just over 49,000. Two people came very close to the right answer with a guess of 50,000, but it was just a little too high. The winning guess was 36,000.

Swaraad (maybe with a little parental help) gave us the winning guess so we gave him a new book with a matching toy for his estimation efforts.








This month we are asking how many people visited the library in July. Do you think you know how popular your local library is? Take your guess and maybe you’ll win a prize too!