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Minecraft Launch Day!

Feb 15, 2022 | Children's Room

February 23rd is Minecraft Day!   

Why February 23rd? That’s because this is the day when the Ossining Public Library officially launches its very own Minecraft Server! 

Minecraft, as most of you already know, is the best-selling video game of all time. Sometimes it’s a struggle for survival, other times it’s a creative exercise, but always it is a ton of fun. I’m sure many of you out there already have Minecraft, so why did the library decide to go through all this trouble? 

First, we wanted everyone to have access to this great game. As of right now, all the computers in the Children’s Room and Teen Room have Minecraft installed with accounts ready for you to use. Any of our patrons can come in and play whenever we are open! 

Second, Minecraft is a game that can be played socially. A shared server gives everyone a place to play together. Anyone in the library can play together while they are here, but we decided to go further than that. Players can also apply for home access, allowing them to join our server from home, meaning they can play with the people at the library and as well as other kids and teens around Ossining from their desktop. 

Third, Minecraft is a game of artistic expression and progression. The shared server allows players to work on long term projects either alone or with friends and then share them with others in a way that can’t be done playing alone. 

So please join us in playing Minecraft! You can sign up for home access at the library or fill out the form here. Please note that the library server is on Java Edition (sorry Bedrock players, we needed to use Java for the plugins we use to make the server great!). Get in early to make sure you can join us on February 23rd, Minecraft Day, when we will be having our first meet-up playtime. 

However, we didn’t stop there. All winter break we will have Minecraft themed programs and activities. Check out this list of exciting stuff going on: 

Minecraft Trivia: February 22nd at 4:15 pm in the Children’s Program Room 

Minecraft Server Launch: February 23th at 4:00 pm on Minecraft 

Minecraft Monumental Building Challenge: February 24th at 4:00 pm on Minecraft 

Minecraft Open Play: February 25th at 4pm on Minecraft