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Podcasts for Kids

Mar 15, 2021 | Children's Room

Recently, kids’ screen time has risen. Podcasts are a great way for kids to take a screen break. Listening to a podcast can be a perfect activity during car time, quiet time, family time, bathtime, bedtime, or anytime! Many podcasts nowadays are kid centered and offer information and entertainment. Some are even created by kids themselves. 

Here are my top 5 favorite podcasts for kids of all ages. 

This is such a cute podcast. The podcast answers questions submitted by kids. For nonfiction book lovers and for kids (and adults!) who are interested in finding the answers to curious questions. 

Created by a group of moms who are broadcast journalists, this podcast is a great way to introduce your kid to what’s happening in the news. This can be a tricky task, but KidNuz makes it easy. They offer 5-minute kid-friendly news reports 5 days a week.

My favorite part of this podcast is how host Eric O’Keefe uses voices and characters to make the stories come alive. Kids can submit “What if” questions such as “What if sharks have legs?” and the question is turned into an imaginative story for young listeners. 

A great podcast to teach your kid mindfulness practices like “deep dragon breaths.” Soothing stories are shared by a very soft-spoken host. 

This podcast is for kids interested in science. If they aren’t interested in science, they will be after listening to Tumble. It explores stories of science discovery and brings in real scientists to learn about their experiences and discoveries. 

For more recommendations on podcasts for kids you can go to Common Sense Media’s comprehensive list.