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Stuffed Animals Take Over the Library!

Aug 28, 2019 | Children's Room

On August 21st, 2019, we celebrated a special storytime with our stuffed companions at the annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover. There were stories, scarves and shakers, songs, and of course, bouncing and bubbles. Those lovies really like bubbles! We all decorated a special picture frame and took a picture with our beloved animals. Then we tucked them away for what we thought would be a good night’s sleep. Boy were we wrong!

So how much trouble did close to 40 stuffed animals cause in the library overnight August 21st? Just imagine them climbing into drawers, hanging from our signs, taking selfies in the rocket ship, and sitting on top of the play kitchens and house in the Toddler Area of the Children’s Room.

The next day the children came to pick up their stuffed animals and the picture frame they made during storytime, and they watched a slide show of the stuffed animals’ escapades! For a glimpse of the havoc they wreaked, you can click here.