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What happens in storytime…

Feb 07, 2020 | Children's Room

Family Storytime is the Children’s Room’s best kept secret. Saturday mornings at 11:00 we gather with moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and kids of all ages for songs and rhymes, bubbles and bouncing. There are stories about underwear, bees, triangles, and pigs. We joke that Family Storytime is a lot like Vegas: What happens in storytime stays in storytime. No one will ever know what you look like shaking your sillies out, or row, row, rowing your boat down the stream. And you will never be judged if your Itsy Bitsy Spider doesn’t climb the water spout very gracefully. An additional benefit of Family Storytime is that you get to do a messy craft with your kid and you don’t need to have craft chaos at your house. We provide both the mess and the cleanup. The very best part of storytime, though, is that after a hectic week where we might struggle to make time for each other, families can come together for an opportunity to have fun, all for free!