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Yoga and Mindfulness: Not Just for Grown-Ups

Aug 19, 2019 | Children's Room

Increasingly, elementary schools, camps, and libraries are adding yoga and mindfulness classes to their programs, and the OPL Children’s Room is no exception. This summer, Kindful Mindful Yoga, a 5-week class, provided an introductory dose of age-appropriate yoga, self-awareness, and relaxation techniques for children ages 4-6. The value of these programs, even for the youngest, is hard to challenge. Academic studies demonstrate that kids who receive regular exposure to yoga and mindfulness have an easier time managing emotions, developing social skills, and, of course, embracing fitness.  And while OPL’s summer yoga program is finished, the program will be back in the fall. In the meantime, families can continue to explore yoga and mindfulness at home, thanks to a growing selection of books, DVDs and websites. Stop by the Children’s Room for tools on how to run your own home-based yoga and mindfulness programs. Below is a sampling of some of our collection’s recent additions.


I am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde. Through accessible illustrations and text, children can explore ways that mindfulness and mediation can help them calm their worries, stresses, and fears.



Zen Happiness by Jon Muth. This book of common sayings and quotes, featuring Stillwater, the famed Panda of Jon Muth’s award winning picture-book Zen series, will help inspire kids to feel calmer, kinder, and more self-accepting.



I’m Worried by Michel Ian Black. A worried potato has his fears calmed by friends who counsel him to stop thinking about the future, learn to enjoy the present, and be here now.