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Going Calmly into 2021

Jan 04, 2021 | Children's Room

Covid-19 has not been kind to kids, squeezed as they are between uncertain school schedules and social isolation. One way to help children regulate their frustrations and feelings during this difficult time is through mindfulness and meditation. Kid-friendly mindfulness podcasts–written by yoga, mental health, and educational professionals–are increasingly plentiful to help children and their parents achieve calm in this turbulent time. Breath work, visualization techniques, and body awareness are just some of the useful strategies these podcasts offer. 

Below are just a few, aimed at children from Pre-K to age 12–and parents will appreciate them as well. They offer age-appropriate discussions, stories, and skills. Visit the listed websites below for information on how to download or subscribe.

Be Calm on Ahway Island: Ages Pre-k through 6

Like You: A Mindfulness Podcast for Kids: Ages 5-9

Peace Out : Relaxation Stories for Kids: Ages 7-10

Kidevolve Creative Mind Podcast: Ages 7-12